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Who said entering the digital music era had to be complicated?

When it comes to digital music distribution, EVEARA is the way to go!

Con Raso / Tuned Global

“EVEARA is a simple yet powerful solution to become a virtual music aggregator and distributor. Great team, very knowledgeable!”

Con Raso

Managing Director / Tuned Global

Morten Dahlgren / 7Digital ApS & Moodagent

“The global leader in end-to-end digital music distribution EVEARA is an excellent solution to aggregate and distribute music content. Simple and intuitive at the same time, no manual needed, highly recommended!”

Morten Dahlgren

Managing Director / 7Digital ApS & Moodagent

Rob D’Amico / AvidPlay

“Stream and sell your music worldwide Avid’s music distribution Service AvidPlay is based on EVEARA, a state-of-the-art enterprise SaaS solution for digital music distribution.”

Rob D’Amico

Director Audio/Video Segment / Avid
Run Your Own Do-It-Yourself Music Distribution Service

Strengthen Your Brand

Add state-of-the-art do-it-yourself music distribution to your website, application, and brand.

Increase Revenue

Tap into recurring revenue via your own one-stop direct artist service.

Cross-Selling & Other Synergies

Introduce new bundles, plans, and explore countless synergies. The sky's the limit!

Attract New Users

Attract new music creators and connect them to your brand.

Access Music Content

Directly access local and international music content, the fastest and most efficient way possible.

Valuable Data

Valuable data at your fingertips via our powerful and comprehensive analytics.
Run Your Own Do-It-Yourself Music Distribution Service

According to Spotify, over 60,000 - 100,000 tracks are uploaded just to their service, every single day.

That’s nearly one per second!