About Us

We are an experienced team of music business professionals and IT experts from all around the world who believe in a bright future for independent music artists.

EVEARA was incorporated in April 2015 in Cork/Ireland, with the goal of establishing itself as an industry-standard in DIY white label music distribution.

Our team of highly enthusiastic multi-cultural specialists with offices/representatives in Ireland, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Greece, Switzerland, Bosnia, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey, Israel, USA, Canada, and Jamaica, is providing its B2B SaaS enterprise white label digital music distribution solutions to currently more than 70 clients in North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Australia.
In partnership with Avid and Dolby, EVEARA also established the first Do-It-Yourself Dolby Atmos Music distribution service and is currently the only DIY solution also supporting Sony’s 360 Reality Audio format.

“We are entering the music business’ next era, one that will be defined by factors such as artist empowerment! One of the driving forces in this period will be the continued rise of independent artists. In fact, we expect the role of the artist to be so impactful that we are calling this next era The Age of the Artist."

- MiDIA Research